Obligatory “Don’t Get Fooled Again” quote

Robert Wright and Bob Kagan posted a Bloggingheads diavlog on a range of foreign policy issues, but I found the discussion about the lack of “change” in Obama’s foreign policy interesting. I tried to embed that section, but it won’t work for some reason so just follow the link here.


They manage to get more voters than American Idol

Indian voters head to the polls today for the beginning of their most recent national election. The Washington Post has an great article this morning about the role of the countrysideindiagate in the national election. Both parties seem to have learned the lesson of the 2004 election: Indian’s economic growth hasn’t trickled down yet.

Whichever party wins the election, the new Government of India needs to be cooperative with the Obama Administration and other concerned nations about the state of Pakistan. India’s rival since birth is on the precipice of disaster. Some in India might not like it, but Pakistan needs to exist for a little bit longer.

picture by Flickr user SaravK used under a Creative Commons license